Spring 2012

Happy Spring from South River Miso! Our unpasteurized miso does not ship well in warm weather so our shipping season will come to a close shortly. Please order online at southrivermiso.com for your Spring and Summer supplies.

Order by April 25th for regular ground shipping to southern and western states (including TN, NC, all states south of these, and to all states west of the Mississippi River.)

Order by May 25th for all other states and for UPS 2nd Day Air shipments to any location.

Our regular shipping season will resume September 15th, 2012.

South River Goes Solar!

Our newly installed, 22.8 Kilowatt capacity photovoltaic solar array began supplying electric power to South River Miso Company on March 3rd. The free standing array consists of 104 solar panels which stand 11 feet above the ground. The entire array is nestled at the edge of a pasture just north of the miso facilities. It stretches for 90 feet above a steep bank overlooking the South River. The array also doubles as an elegant woodshed where we can store all of our cooking wood used in the miso making process.

This is an “on the grid” system. When the system is producing more power than our electric usage, the meter runs backwards, and the power feeds into the grid.

So far, in its first 41 days of operation, the array has produced 4.28 megawatts of electric power from the sun. (A megawatt is one million watts). 4.28 megawatts is equivalent to the power generated by .72 tons of coal, 2.52 barrels of oil, or 118 gallons of gasoline. This amount of clean, renewable energy offsets 3.08 tons of carbon dioxide and 26 pounds of sulphur oxides.

The array was installed by the good folks at Northeast Solar of Hatfield, MA. With the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS), tax incentives, and a grant from the Federal renewable energy program, the system should pay for itself in six years.

Our Website!

In Fall of 2011 we completely revamped and updated our web site! Enjoy the additional pictures, slide shows and videos by exploring the links below.

The web renovation was a family project: designed and produced by our son, Isaiah, with organizational and editorial assistance from our daughter, Anni Hanna, and writing done by Christian and Gaella Elwell. Robin Cole and Deb Duchin have polished up the final proofs. Thanks to everyone for the great team effort!


- Shop online at our updated store.
- View a slide show of the miso making process.
- Watch a recent Cooking Channel video about South River Miso.
- Watch a video of Martha Stewart’s "Field Trip" segment about South River Miso.
- See a slide show of our location at South River Farm.
- Explore the health benefits of miso.
- Read "Love Letters" from our customers.

Please join our community on Facebook and we hope you will explore our new site soon and let us know what you think!

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